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NYDA®: scientifically proven to be superior in eradicating head lice and their eggs
In a recent national survey, just 39% of parents reported success in eradicating head lice with the treatments they use. NYDA® (92% Dimeticone Dual Formula) is scientifically proven to reduce treatment failure, since it's designed to work with just one, highly effective application.
In a large scale clinical trial 3 NYDA® was proven to be 97% effective in killing head lice and their eggs.
NYDA®: top for effectiveness in killing head lice and eggs
Comparative data on pediculicidal and ovicidal effects of head lice treatments
Dimeticone Dual Formula (NYDA®) A published randomised observer-blinded comparative trial3 97.2% (day 9)
Isopropyl myristate 50% in cyclomethicone (eg Full Marks) Two assessor-blinded randomised controlled trial 14 82% (day 9 and 14)
Dimeticone 4% lotion (eg Hedrin 4% lotion) A published assessor-blinded randomised controlled trial 15 69.8% (day 8)
Permethrin 1% (eg Lyclear) A published randomised observer-blinded comparative trial3 67.6% (day 9)
Wet combing (Bug-busting kit) Clinical study16; 57% (after 14 days)
A large-scale clinical trial3 and laboratory studies 1,2,,4,4a,5, have proven that NYDA® kills head lice (at all stages of their development) and their eggs. It does this by physical means rather than by using neuro-toxic-type agents.
NYDA® suffocates head lice and their eggs – it does not poison them. Head lice cannot therefore develop resistance to NYDA® as they can to neuro-toxic insecticides6 such as Phenothrin, Malathion and Permethrin, which are found in traditional head lice treatments. In fact, as many as 80% of lice are found to be resistant to neuro-toxic pesticides such as Malathion and Permethrin10. NYDA® also appears to cause less irritation than those pesticides 6.
A large-scale clinical trial3 as well as extensive ex vivo / in vitro studies on lice and lice eggs have also proven that NYDA® is an outstanding dimeticone-based treatment for head lice, with proven superiority over other dimeticone treatments 1,2,4,4a,5 (in vitro).
The outcome
NYDA® is a simple-to-use application that rapidly clears eggs and lice's in a safe and child-friendly manner.
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