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How to use NYDA®?
NYDA®, designed to eradicate lice and their eggs (nits) in a single application, is scientifically proven to be effective1,2,3,4,4a,5.
Just follow these simple instructions to eradicate headlice and their eggs.
NYDA® comes in an economical pump dispenser and is supplied with a special NYDA® detection comb.
How to use NYDA head lice comb correctly:
Head Lice Comb
1. Part The hairs into stands. Important: Hold the comb with the lattered side facing the head.
Lice Eggs Removal
3. After each stroke of the comb, carefully remove the lice, nymphs and nits, by wiping the comb on paper tissue Finally thoroughly clean the comb.
Remove Lice from Hair
2. Start at the scalp and slowely draw the comb to the hairtips.
Tired of tedious 'bug-busting'?
NYDA® completely eliminates the need for tedious, unpleasant 'bug-busting' (combing your child's hair to find live lice and their eggs and then removing them by hand.) 'Bug-busting' is only 38% - 57% successful11,12, while NYDA® is designed to eradicate lice and eggs in a single application and is scientifically proven to be 97% effective1,2,3,4,4a,5.
Because some of the ingredients are inflammable NYDA® must NOT be used near open fire, incandescent objects or a hair dryer.
Keep NYDA®away from heat and ignition sources and do not smoke when applying the lotion.
Lice Lice
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