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How NYDA® works?
NYDA® (Dimeticone Dual Formula), scientifically proven to kill head lice in five minutes and their eggs (nits) in eight hours 1,2,4,4a,5, is a non-greasy lotion with a light citrus fragrance. You apply it to scalp and hair with the pump spray supplied with the bottle.
NYDA® is a physical treatment, not a pesticide, this means you will not be using harmful chemical to poison the head lice. With its unique formula, NYDA® coats the head louse's body and rapidly penetrates its respiratory system, blocking its airways. This suffocates the louse1,which is killed in less than five minutes2.
In the same manner, NYDA® kills lice eggs (nits), but it takes more time. To ensure efficacy on eggs, each application of NYDA® should be left in the hair for eight hours (for instance overnight)4,4a,5.
How NYDA Works
  • Get Rid of Lice
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